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Weight Training Community page is a place to meet those interested in obtaining valuable information and advice on Cardiovascular Conditioning, Body Sculpting, Weight Loss, and Building Lean Muscle Mass.

Although I'm experienced working in the Physical Therapy and Athletic Training field, I became a personal trainer in order to not only get fit but to help those who have difficulty on their own. The scope of my practice is to enhance the components of fitness for general health and well being. Having the experience in building lean muscle mass and weight reduction, I was then taught to value the five Components Of Fitness which are: Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Body Composition, Cardiovascular Endurance, and Flexibility.

My definition of health means a healthy state of well-being, an absence of risk factors and disease that would affect one's ability to exercise. It is also a level of functional and/or metabolic efficiency of an organism, often implicitly human. Body and mind free from infirmity and injury. Overall health is achieved through a combination of physical, mental, and social well-being, which, together is commonly referred to as The Health Triangle. This is exactly what I mean by Symmetry, however, one must be assessed through a series of tests in order to find the starting point.

My Personal Training career began in New York City working for several Fitness Centers assisting clients within my facility and teaching classes. I have trained vacationers on cruise ships, clients in their homes, and in mine as well. I have given many private seminars throughout the Metropolitan Area. I specialize in demonstrating various movements and help clients improve their form and technique. Due to my charismatic personality and interpersonal skills, I quickly became very popular and readily available to provide motivation and support to my clients exercise wellness programs. In addition to proper technical instruction, I was meticulous in keeping records of  clients, monitoring their progress, training sessions, advising them on how to modify their lifestyle in and outside of the gym to improve their fitness level. Most of my friends were instructors, group exercise instructors, work in physical fitness facilities, health clubs managers, fitness centers, rehabilitation centers, etc... Some are interested in bodybuilding, recreation, social, or for insurance proposes. I have also worked in one of the fastest growing fields which is Corporate Fitness. Many companies are now offering their employees a corporate fitness benefit package for those wishing to participate in a wellness program. This has become a win win situation for all. The Employee is offered a gym membership, the company gets a more productive and efficient employee who draws less sick time, and discount on their employees health insurance premium. The Insurance Company pays out less for Doctors, Hospitals, the cost of Prescriptions etc.... As you already know Fitness is a big part of my life. I have trained beginners to semi-professional athletes of all backgrounds. I'm now in search of my next challenge.

Most begin a New Years resolution or training program with good intentions. They go from doing nothing to exercising 5 days per week in order to achieve their goal. After the second or third week, that goal has now become an almost impossible task and a big inconvenience due to lack of energy, motivation and drive. The culprit is over-training, burn-out, what ever term you wish, and now you have failed. Once again, you make an attempt sometime in April or May to be conditioned by the summer. Again after two or three weeks, the same failure. Why does this happen ? Training without changing your eating or resting habits will cause this to happen every time. Your training will never improve muscle gains, energy, weight loss, etc.. unless three key conditions are met. Building lean muscle mass requires : Growth Stimulation (TRAINING), Nutrition (EATING HEALTHY) and (REST). Minus one and you will fail. Remember: muscle growth takes place while at rest. Nutrition is the start of the recovery process and to reverse the catabolic (tissue breakdown) state which follows an intense training session. Your body is always in either a catabolic ( break down ) or anabolic (tissue-building) state. Here there is no gray area. If you keep your body in a catabolic state your ability to improve muscle size and conditioning through training will decrease or even end up in muscle loss. The catabolic state is best prevented through post-workout nutrition and immediately refueling after training. This will mainly consist of simple sugar, protein, and carbohydrates in a fast absorbing form ( LIQUID ). Fats should not be included in post-training nutrition because it slows down all nutrient absorption. Water will work best. Your body also needs proper pre-workout nutrition, however, do not train with a full stomach. Consider a 30 minute window of opportunity in order to consume your recovery drink and food in order to replenish the fuels depleted during training and to raise the level of insulin in the body. This in turn will cause the body to absorb protein from the recovery drink. Insulin "transports" the protein to the muscles. Muscles are made of protein. If the body is not fed enough protein after physical stress, it will take it from its own muscles.
Do Not Allow This To Happen !

As an Exercise Physiologist I study acute responses and chronic adaptations to intense physical exercise, the effects of exercise on pathology, and the mechanisms by which exercise can reduce or reverse disease progression. I also research biochemistry, bio energetics, cardiopulmonary function, hematology, bio mechanics, skeletal muscle physiology, neuroendocrine function, central and peripheral nervous system function. Please understand I'm not a book worm by no means, I'm a semi professional Bodybuilder and Cardiovascular Fitness Specialist. I have been training since the early 1990's, not for the soul purpose of research but training has become my life.

My duties include monitoring and assessing cardiovascular and metabolic effects and mechanisms of exercise. I also conduct fitness evaluation, prescribe exercise programs for building lean muscle mass, overall health maintenance, replenishment of fluids during and immediately after exercise, and exercise for cardiac and musculoskeletal rehabilitation.
I'm also knowledgeable in the area of cardiology, sports medicine, respiratory and physical therapy. My work and employment history includes extremely diverse settings, health clubs, commercial / Industrial facilities, educational institutions, cruise ships, and yes, of course Corporate Fitness Centers, however, I would someday love to work in a clinical setting prescribing exercise for cardiac, pulmonary, and work with patients referred to me by their physicians.